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Swivel Transfer Bench And Shower Chair - Safety And Convenience While Bathing

Sep. 13, 2021

Who doesn’t like a comfortable hot shower? All of us at Genteel sure do. However, for some users with functional disabilities and compromised mobility, such as stroke, severe arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and so on, it is difficult to access the bathtub or maintain balance in the bathtub and without the risk of falling.


We believe everybody should be able to enjoy a relaxing hot shower, and we dedicate to developing products that provide mobility, safety, and comfort for users with compromised mobility. Adding three new shower benches and chairs to our product line, we here introduce you to the Swiveling Sliding Transfer Chair(3636), the Swiveling Sliding Transfer Bench(3637), and the Swiveling Shower Chair(3638).

#1 Swiveling Sliding Transfer Chair(3636) 

Swiveling Sliding Transfer Chair

#2 The Swiveling Sliding Transfer Bench(3637)

Swiveling Sliding Transfer Bench

The swiveling and sliding feature of these two products makes it easier to transfer into the tub from any direction, reducing the risk of falling in the bathroom. In addition, adjustable legs help level the seat for the height difference between the floor and the bathtub base. 


#3 Swiveling Shower Chair(3638).

Swiveling Shower Chair

A swiveling shower chair is also developed for users to turn effortlessly in the shower room, making shower time easier for the users and the caregivers.


These three products are meant to provide a safe and comfortable showering experience. They can help cut shower time in half, maintain independence and dignity for users, and meet their personal hygiene needs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information about our bathroom safety products.