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Item Code: 9165, 9119, 9183, 9150

Double Folding Walker



Common Feature

• Constructed with lightweight anodized aluminium

• Easily folding for storage and carrying, special design for travelling use

• Lightweight, convenient, comfortable and durable structure

• PVC hand grips

• All 4 legs can be folded up into a very compact size for easy travelling and storage

• Equipped with portable bag and can be carried on the plane

Unique Feature

9165 Dual-release double folding walker:

• Two-button dual-release for easy folding

9119 Lever double folding walker:

• Pull lever up for easy folding

9150 Single release double folding walker:

• Single release for easy folding

9183 Paddle double folding walker:

• Featured with a patented convenient PULL or PUSH folding mechanism

Item No.Width inside handgripsWidth of rear legsAdjustable heightFolding dimension(W*D*H)Depth front rearWheels attach(Yes/No)Weight capacityN.W.
915043.0 cm60.5 cm76.0~94.0 cm55.0*10.5*42.0 cm45.5 cmYes136kg/300lbs3.05 kg
916548.0 cm56.0 cm81.2~99.0 cm52.5*11.0*47.0 cm46.5 cmYes136kg/300lbs4.23 kg
918341.0 cm57.5 cm81.2~99.0 cm52.5*11.0*47.0 cm46.0 cmYes136kg/300lbs3.70 kg
911943.0 cm60.5 cm76.5~94.5 cm55.0*9.5*43.5 cm45.5 cmYes136kg/300lbs3.00 kg