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Item Code: 9216, 9232, 9244

Heavy Duty Rollator



Common Feature

• Constructed with lightweight aluminum

• Heavy duty of 227kg

• Adjustable handle for different needs

• Loop brake system for both running and parking brake

• Ergonomic handgrip for less pressure on hands

• EVA foam backrest for more comfort

• 8'' PU wheels provide more durability

• Easy folding into a small size for convenient transfer and storage

• Attached with basket for convenient goods carry

Unique Feature

9216 Heavy Duty Rollator:

• Padded foam seat with water resistance

9232 Heavy Duty Rollator:

• Wider frame 72cm and seat 56cm

• Padded foam seat with water resistance

9244 Heavy Duty Rollator:

• ABS seat for easy wash

Item No.Width inside handgripsOverall widthOverall depthSeat widthSeat depthSeat heightAdjustable handle heightFolding dimension(W*D*H)Max. loadN.W.