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9618 Dynamic Outdoor Rollator

Mar. 25, 2024

        The market prospects for elderly rollators are promising. According to data from the World Health Organization, the global population aged 60 and over is projected to increase from 90 million in 2015 to 2.2 billion by 2050, signifying a growing demand for elderly healthcare. Particularly in developed countries and regions, rollators have become essential aids in the lives of the elderly.


        Opting for a comfortable, lightweight, stable, and safe rollator significantly improves the health and convenience of elderly individuals. With that in mind, allow me to introduce our latest product – the 9618 Dynamic Outdoor Rollator.

                9618 Dynamic Outdoor Rollator

        Featuring a sleek and modern design, the rollator is made up of lightweight aluminum frame that ensures stability and safety, with a maximum weight capacity of 136kg.


        Adjustable frame height from 85cm to 95cm. Convenient to adjust to the ideal height with a press button.

9618 Dynamic Outdoor Rollator

        With its unique brake design and concealed brake cables, this rollator ensures outstanding braking performance and safety without any hidden risks.


        The breathable and comfortable seat and backrest offer a pleasant sitting experience while providing support for tired bodies. Furthermore, the backrest is adjustable to accommodate individual preferences.


        With a large capacity, this storage bag can store up to 5kg of items, making it perfect for storing personal belongings.


        Equipped with 8 inches front and rear wheels, it effortless to navigate over ostacles.



        Coming with cross-brace tubes design, it is able to fold side to side and enhance the stability of the rollator walker.

9618 Dynamic Outdoor Rollator

        Easily to detach for transportation and storage. It doesn’t need tools to assemble it.

9618 Dynamic Outdoor Rollator

        Rollators play a vital role in modern elderly living, promoting healthier and more convenient lifestyles for seniors. Committed to ongoing technological innovation and product enhancement, we aim to enhance the well-being of elderly populations worldwide by providing solutions that prioritize health and happiness. Let's collaborate to support the elderly and enrich their quality of life together!