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Do Not Let Our Planet Boiling

Aug. 04, 2021

I suppose you may have heard of the frog-boiling effect, that a frog being put in a pot of cold water boiling on the stove, it feels comfortable at first and it swims as it always did while the temperature of the water gradually and slowly increases, until it's too late and it finds itself being cooked alive.


However, as a matter of fact, this parable is not scientifically true for frogs. The research shows that a frog will detect slowly heating water and leap to safe places.


Humans, on the contrary, are happy to sit in the pot and slowly turn up the heat. It was reported that global average temperatures have risen by 1 degree Celsius since 1980 due to greenhouse gases emission by using fossil fuels. It may not sound like a lot, but the continuous rising sea levels, more and more extreme weather suffering worldwide, declares that it is too much. We must do something before it's too late.


As a developing country, China has announced its aims to peak carbon emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. Besides, from the enterprise and personal perspective, what should we do?

On the enterprise front

- Complying with all applicable environmental laws, regulations, and other compliance obligations.

- Environmental considerations are an integral part of our business practice. It is important to involve everyone to take part in the protection originated from the love of the environment. To raise employees' green awareness through the periodic propaganda of environmental protection.

- We're putting lean production into practice, making efficient use of resources, reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing processes and materials, including through management of water, product packaging, and waste disposal.

- Carry on reduction of the office waste, recycling, and utilization of waste resources, carbon reduction, saving energy.

- Especially, we've built a farmyard, which pays attention to harmony with nature, expressed our conviction that it is necessary to promote harmony with nature to achieve a just balance among the economic, social, and environmental needs.

The specific data is shown in the below attachment:

1. Environmental Protection Policy and Annual Environmental Protection Goal 2023.pdf

2. Annual resource consumption 2023.pdf

3. Corporate Environmental Investment 2023.pdf

4. Corporate Sewage Disposal Information 2023.pdf

5. Corporate Construction and Operation of Environmental Protection Facilities 2023.pdf

6. Corporate Hazardous Waste Disposal Information 2023.pdf

7. Corporate Environmental Protection Measures to fulfill social Responsibilities 2023.pdf

Do Not Let Our Planet Boiling

On the personal front

- Food: choose a vegetarian diet if possible; it would be significantly less impact on our environment; enjoy cooking at home and eat out less for environmental purpose, also on the matter of COVID-19.

- Clothing: rational shopping for new clothes, try to choose natural materials such as pure cotton, linen, etc., which can be recycled.

- Housing: select and use some second-hand furniture; afforests in the indoor arrangement to refresh the air, as well as regulates room temperature; adopt new energy resources, such as solar energy; centralize the use of power and air conditioning.

- Transportation: choose a green and healthy way to getting around, take a walk or bicycle for a short distance, select public transit.

Do Not Let Our Planet Boiling

Each act was so small but better than nothing, maybe only a little better, but we move for the next and the next, what all these little measures may lead to big change. Let's join to achieve a decarbonized society, a resource circulating society, and society in harmony with nature.

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