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Something You Need to Know About Patient Lift

Oct. 22, 2021

To care for a family member with limited mobility can be challenging. While there are many challenging aspects of caregiving, perhaps one of the most difficult is helping them get around the home. It needs a caregiver's considerable strength to move them in and out of bed and around the house with limited mobility. Therefore, the usage of a medical patient lift is worth considering.


What is a patient lift?

Hospital lifts for patients are designed to help lift or transfer patients from one position to another. They can be used to get patients in and out of bed, from wheelchair to bed, and in and out of the bath. The patient lifting equipment lightens the load and makes it easier for caregivers to provide you with the care you need.

Portable Aluminium Lift

 Portable Aluminium Lift

Patient lifts can be powered or manually operated. Powered models patient lifting device usually requires the use of rechargeable batteries. In contrast, manual models of patient lifting devices use hydraulic operation. Although the design of hospital lifts varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, the basic components may include a mast (a vertical bar mounted on a base), a boom (a bar that extends over the patient), a hanger (an arm that hangs over the patient), a bib (attached to a hanger to hold the patient in place) and some clips or latches (to hold the bib in place).


These mechanical patient lifting devices offer many benefits, including a reduced risk of injury to patients and caregivers when used correctly.


First, patients are more likely to move around more: it is difficult for people with mobility problems to move. As a result, they are less likely to do so or have limited time to move around. The patient lifters make it easier for patients and carers to move around.

Steel Stand Up Lift

 Steel Stand Up Lift

Second, comfort: being carried by others is uncomfortable. Patients may be put in awkward positions, which can undermine their dignity. Being transferred by others is not a good feeling, but the patient lift can make it more comfortable and manageable.


Third, relieves caregiver stress: moving or helping a person with mobility problems can be very difficult, which puts much stress and pressure on caregivers. The lifting machine for patients takes on heavy lifting. It provides excellent support to your caregivers when helping you get up, bathe, and move around the home.


Keeping you at home longer: Patient lifts are one of many products that allow you to care at home. Via the right medical equipment, you can receive the same or similar level of care at home.


Safer: Using a patient lift is inherently safer than relying on caregivers to help you with transfers. You are not easy to slip or fall when using a lift to enable you to move around. Knowing that the chances of a fall are greatly reduced gives you peace of mind.


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