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Focus on Details – Laser-Marking on Genteel Products

Apr. 19, 2021

Focus on Details – Laser-Marking on Genteel Products

Details embody art, and only details have the most potent expressive power. That's why Genteel do not let go of any details, practising on products, and in respect to marking method, we choose lasers.



Generally speaking, lasers utilized for the UDI system ensure the identification and traceability of medical devices, which help prevent counterfeiting and thus increase user safety to a certain extent, which is crucial in the healthcare industry.


And from the other aspects, the reasons why we choose laser-marking are:

- Good appearance

As you can see in the video, laser marking makes the workpiece surface have a premium feel, providing a first-rate look for our products.

- Long-lasting legibility

Compare to inkjet markings, laser markings will not fade due to environmental factors (human touch, acid or alkaline gas, high temperature, low temperature, etc.).

- High precision

"No contact" nature guaranteed the precision of workpieces and can be applied on various treated materials (see as below).

Focus on Details – Laser-Marking on Genteel Products

- Environmentally friendly

Zero consumables lead to no pollution that contributes to performing Genteel's social responsibility of environmental protection.


- Tailor-made possibility

It is easily incorporated in the production, which gives the possibility to apply individual elements to products manufactured in standardized processes.


With its many benefits, we manufactured every single part with our earnest spirit.