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New Chapter of SRM-Implementation of XIEKEYUN paltform

Jul. 15, 2022

A smooth and efficient operation of the company cannot be achieved without the collaboration

between the company and its customers, departments within the company, and, more often

neglected, between the company and its suppliers.

New Chapter of SRM-Implementation of XIEKEYUN paltform

Supplier management, as an essential part of supply chain management, plays a vital role in

whether the company can deliver goods to customers on time, with good quality, and in the right


In the process of informatization, Genteel has set up ERP, WMES, CRM, PLM, BPM, MES, and

other systems to support the whole process from R&D to production to customer management.

Starting from July of this year, we will enter a new page of informatization - the introduction of

the XIEKEYUN SRM platform.

Through electronic means of collaboration, we can improve the efficiency of communication and

transfer of information, achieve efficient operation, establish a convenient collaborative

environment for procurement and supplier, standardize the collaboration process between

procurement and supplier, and avoid potential risks caused by irregular operations.

New Chapter of SRM-Implementation of XIEKEYUN paltform

We can understand the production progress of key suppliers and production bottlenecks and

provide feedback to the internal demand department in advance.

When purchasing raw materials, we can respond to changes in demand in a flexible manner.

Formulate delivery plans based on real-time demand sot that suppliers can prepare goods in


For quality issues, having an SRM platform enables multiple parties from both sides to intervene

on time to deal with quality issues more efficiently and avoid impact on delivery time.

From raw material purchase to production, delivery, to after-sales, with the support of SRM, we

can respond to demand and unexpected situations more efficiently.