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Why Start A Walking Cane Business?

Nov. 24, 2021

The aging population continued to overgrow, while the $31 billion durable medical equipment industry was dominated by cheap, low-quality, and virtually identical products. So we analyzed the problem space and looked at the opportunity space, realizing that the rehabilitation industry was appropriate for innovation and disruption.


We find this will be an opportunity to reinvent the ubiquitous cane. This product has been grossly overlooked in terms of design. Using innovation to produce better canes is certainly challenging; cane users are young and old and come from various backgrounds. People with disabilities or injuries, especially the elderly and those at risk of falls, are often advised by doctors to use mobility aids


It is calculated that 1 in 10 adults over the age of 65 uses a cane to get around in the USA. So it is a reasonably popular aid.


Types of canes 

There are a variety of options designed to help those in need. Learning more about the purpose of these different types of canes can help anyone make a buying decision.


T-handle canes

The T-handle does not bend in the same way as a curved cane handle. While it provides sufficient grip for the person using it, it is better suited to the hands of people with arthritis. For people with severe arthritis, a cane is not an easy task. People with arthritis may benefit from choosing a cane with a T-handle rather than a cane that puts more pressure on the hand.

T-Handle Cane

T-Handle Cane

Offset canes

An offset cane is another style that users can choose from. It should help to improve balance while providing the necessary support for people with mobility problems. It is ideal for people with wrist problems that are prone to pain when using a traditional cane with a curved handle.

Offset Cane

Offset Cane

Quad Canes

While the single point cane helps the user contact the ground with each step, the quad canes consist of four feet rather than one point. The purpose of attaching the four feet to the cane is to prevent the user from slipping on the ground and injuring themselves. It is ideal for those prone to slipping and those who have more difficulty moving than before. In addition, the quad canes are strong and durable and will provide more grip for those who need them.

Quad Cane

Quad Cane

Folding Canes

folding cane usually has a tip. However, it is adjustable and can be folded up when the individual is no longer walking. Therefore, it is suitable for people who travel by public transport. For example, a person with limited mobility may need to walk from home to a bus stop and wait for a bus to pick them up.

Folding Cane

Folding Cane

They can use the folding canes as a walking aid and then fold them up when not used as they are on the bus. They can then quickly unfold the stick again, get off the bus and walk to their destination. It is compact, completely lightweight, and ideal for people who don't want their mobility to get in the way of their travels to different places.


Genteel is a specialist manufacturer dedicated to designing, developing, and producing rehabilitation medical equipment, specializing in canes, rollators, walkers, patient lifts, shower chairs, and home-care beds.


If you are interested in getting more information about the types of canes, please visit, or leave an inquiry, and we will contact you as soon as possible.