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Automatically Better With Foam Cutting Machinery

May. 06, 2021

As an enterprise with the spirit of sincerity, pragmatic, pioneering, continuous improvement to quality products, we’re always seeking for reliable and effective means to improve quality.


This year we’ve introduced foam cutting machinery to replace manual operating and realize cutting automation.

-          By removing manual processes, the probability of error has been reduced as well as decreasing the rate of non-conforming parts; it automatically cut in line with the CAD template configured, which ensures the consistency, accuracy, stability of the EVA components.

-          It greatly improved the cutting efficiency, which is generally two times compared with manual cutting, so as to shorten our production cycle.

-          In the interest of health and safety, automation production reduces the labor intensity since the machine has performed repetitive works; it also mitigates the health and safety risks in the workshop, thereby enhancing the security of our workers.

-          From the environmental perspective, automation production leads to less material wastage, which may reduce the impact of waste disposal, every small step we take in our facility that may benefit society.

All in all, the use of new labor-saving machinery is an integral part of our lean production; it enables us to offer our valued customers a cast-iron guarantee of quality.


And our featured products are as follows (model code: 3607/3608/3609), the EVA seat & backrest will provide you an increased comfortable sitting experience, while the anti-slip rubber feet allow you to feel secure.

Automatically better with foam cutting machinery